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The world expects efficient services from adoption agencies to help prospective parents and children. Compared to other industries, the adoption industry is a highly differentiated domain which focuses on connecting the Adoptive parents with the birth parents and also provides services that help in knowing the welfare of the adopted child.

For security reasons, the Adoption laws have been standardized across the USA and, as a result, the adoption process is not user friendly. The government has implemented regulations on child adoption to ensure a safe and transparent adoption process, but also created a challenging and tiring application process.

Additionally, the industry seldom utilized the technological innovations in Information Technology, which would make the Adoption process smoother and simpler, including various stages of documentation and processes. There was a necessity for an organized process in adoption. Media Systems was successful in delivering such a well-structured set of solutions for its customers.

Our Solution

Efficient Information Technology support can provide significant advantages in market presence and improve customer

satisfaction. Media Systems opened up a new way by integrating the best of its technologies and resources to bring maximum benefits to the adoption industry. Media Systems thus became an industry trend-setter providing tangible solutions for the adoption industry to create happier families across the US.

Our solutions resulted in performance enhancements and developed new ways to explore more business opportunities. These solutions cut down the complexities involved in the entire process of child adoption. Our automated processing system improved the performance of the various adoption agencies. Allowing them to provide better services for their customers and providing a better reporting system to the government.


  • Unique platforms to abridge the long-winded adoption processes
  • Comprehensive online solutions
  • Robust applications for betterment of the client's business
  • Complete and flexible case management tools
  • Web based portals