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When CAIRS Solutions wanted to create a product based on Social Networking concepts, the Media Systems team decided to go with the Boonex Dolphin 7 which is widely considered as the most dependable software for creating community based websites. We were able to exceed the client expectations and deliver a complete and robust

solution with the open source software. Read on to learn how we helped CAIRS Solutions identify and implement the right solution for the development of ParentFinder.

About The Client

CAIRS Solutions is a well-established market leader in adoption and foster care management software.

Founded in 2003, CAIRS Solutions has created thousands of happy families across the world. In 2010, CAIRS Solutions invested over $1 million in new product upgrades and development. Most of the top adoption agencies and attorneys use MyAdoptionPortal which is one of the CAIRS product suite, developed by Media Systems, to expedite adoption cases providing the best possible experience for the families and the children.

It also has the ability to match the adoptive family and

and find family capabilities, analyze the traffic and make recommendations to agencies. All information managed by ParentFinder is secure and protects the privacy of both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Client Requirement

ParentFinder, another CAIRS product, is envisioned as a personal adoption consultant who will connect the birth parents and the adoptive families. It provides agencies, families and children a mechanism to share their particular desires be to locate a waiting family or identify a child for adoption.

The requirement included allowing the parents to create multi-media rich online profiles to reach out to the birth parents. In order to provide high visibility, these adoptive family profiles were to be shared through other popular social networking sites including Facebook,YouTube, MySpace, or Twitter. A print version also needed to be made available through the agency website.

The client also needed the ability to match the adoptive family and

birth family based on specific in the profile fields.Beside all this, the information managed by PrentFinder need to be

Client Requirement

  • To maintain the right amount of privacy for adoptive and birth parents while interacting through the system.
  • To provide each adoption agency with full control of an adoptive family's content and publishing capabilities.
  • Support for multiple scenarios of billing, which may occur to the agency or adoptive parent from time to time.
  • The customization of existing modules and the development of new modules in Boonex dolphin 7.

Our Solution

We recommended Boonex Dolphin 7 to create ParentFinder as it is the only "all-in-one" bundle of PHP community scripts i.e. it has in-built photo and video viewing functionality along with forums, chat, articles, news, event sections etc. Its capability to arrange content, customize profiles and create whole new custom pages and blocks are unmatched.

After gathering the detailed business requirements, a comprehensive study of the Boonex dolphin 7 with focus on its coding structure, existing available modules and the administration part management was carried out.

The team determined the modules that could be customized to meet some of the requirements, and decided to create the rest from scratch. The team also conducted an assessment study to ensure compliance. Developed based on their plan, the team then ran the necessary installation, operational and performance tests to confirm the requirements to ensure that the systems was robust.

necessary installation, operational and performance tests to confirm the requirements to ensure that the system was robust.


  • A drastic reduction in day-to-day agency management costs.
  • A simpler adoption process which radically reduced time and effort without compromising on quality.
  • Easy and detailed case management with definite audit trail.
  • Reduced time and effort due to automated data retrieval, effective management of individual case notes, emails & other communications.

Increased revenue from the wide-ranging solutions provided