Xpress Yourself

Xpress Yourself

Xpress is a free and secure messaging app developed by Media Systems. Xpress allows people around the world stay close and connected. Xpress users can send free text messages, picture messages, video messages and also voice messages. It can be sent all in one message and to a single or multiple contacts either from your mobile or the web. Xpress supports android, windows and iPhone.

Keeping your privacy in mind we have developed Xpress to not require any of your personal details, in order to protect your safety and privacy. In Xpress, all the messages that you send will be encrypted and are removed from the server after the delivery. We do not store any of your messages on our servers. We make communication better, more enjoyable and convenient.

The main features of Xpress include:

  • Secure messaging: Xpress does not track any of your conversations instead it sticks to the same level of encryption that online banking uses, for delivering all your messages.
  • Conversation screen: Xpress presents you the new trend of displaying the contact list along with the conversation screen so that you can navigate easily between the conversations.
  • Group chat: Create groups among your friends; share pictures, videos and audios and enjoy the fun of group conversations.
  • Themes: It is always very important to express yourself while messaging. Xpress presents you with new set of themes to have a personal interface that will suit you.
  • Ephemeral Messaging: Xpress allows you to share photos, audios and videos, that can be viewed only once and then self-destruct after the mentioned time.
  • Profile protection: Never worry, even if you left your mobile with your friend for a while. You can always enhance security to your messages using Passcode protect.
  • Get some quiet time: We understand that, every now and then, we need some time to be spent for ourselves. Tie a Do Not Disturb board on your door using Block contacts. You can remove it whenever you want.
  • Let others listen to you: For a change, let your loved ones listen to your voice. Record your heart and send them across for a surprising experience.
  • Emoticons: Sometimes the best way to express what we feel is by using emoticons, they speak more than the words. Use more than 200+ emoticons and enjoy messaging.
  • Delivery information: Know the status of each message you send, including the delivery time and date in it.
  • Web-send messages: Bored of always sending messages using mobiles, check out our web interface by with connecting your PC.
  • No login/logout: There is no more time wasted on logging in and out, with Xpress you are always logged on and always connected.
  • No ads interruption: Xpress never interrupts you by displaying any ads or information between your conversation; you can message freely without any disturbance.

And much more, to get detailed information about Xpress and its features, click on https://letsxprs.com. Xpress Yourself and enjoy being social without compromising your privacy... Stop Texting Start Xpress'ing.